About CEDRR - Community Risk Reduction


Growing community resilience to current and future risk
through research and conversations.

Our story

The CEDRR methodology was developed by Dr Brian Cook, who believes that community engagement should be about more than just giving people information or telling them what to do.

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Our method

We put relationship building at the centre of everything we do, and believe in the co-production of knowledge. We invest time in our engagements, collecting both data and stories.

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Our model for impact

CEDRR combines theories of learning, behaviour change, and diffusion of information to create a composite of impact called LAS (Learning + Action + Spillover)

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The theory behind the method

Much of the thinking in this section is drawn from our academic publications, including Kamoora et al. (in review), Cook and Overpeck (2019), and Cook et al. (2022).

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Our people

Behind the CEDRR project is a growing team passionate about disaster risk reduction and meaningful community engagement.

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Our sponsor: Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is responsible for the management of water resources in Victoria, including waterway management, flood management and drainage.

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